Working With Green Design in Building Your Home

Green design, when it comes to building a house, involves incorporating “green technologies” to have your house powered with renewable energy sources. This is also known as “sustainable technology”, because the home powering systems rely on energy sources that are renewable, such as with solar power, for example. The sun is constantly putting out energy, so using that energy does not deplete the source – the energy is constantly renewed. This is different from burning fossil fuels for energy, which never gets replaced, but rather only gets consumed.

Another quality of sustainable energy technology is that the consumption of renewable energy leaves little to no effect on the environment as a result of its use. This is also different from using fossil fuels, which pollute the environment through exhaust and emissions. Using such systems to power your home like solar panel arrays, wind-powered generators, geothermal systems for heating and air-conditioning and etc. allows many to live “off the grid”, and become totally self-sufficient from the utility companies. Incorporating green design in building your home, using free energy can become a reality.

Those who build such homes utilizing this type of green design often use a combination of systems. Solar panels in conjunction with a wind-powered generator for electricity, geothermal systems using pipes embedded deep into the ground under the foundation for running water through and collecting the heat from the ground in order to pass it through the house for heat and hot water, and so on. Using sustainable technology and renewable energy not only frees up utility costs but also reduces, and can even potentially erase the carbon footprint we have emblazoned into our environment.

Utilizing green design technology in building homes just makes perfect sense. It helps the environment, even saves it outright, and it eliminates utilities costs and expenses. There is much free energy to be had from environmental sources which are renewable, doesn’t deplete any resources, and leaves no mark on the environment due to use. Employing these technologies in building your home, or even in doing a little revamping of an existing one, you can truly be energy independent forever. Staying connected to the grid, you can even sell your surplus power back to the utility companies.

Many states and regions mandate this by law – the utility companies must buy all surplus power generated by residents on the grid. So you see, you not only can you save money with green design, but you can also make some as well. If you generate enough surplus energy, you could have the utility companies pay you enough regularly to take care of your grocery bill… now there’s an interesting thought, isn’t it? Put this type of technology to work for you, and while you stay connected to the grid, you can enjoy what so many others have – seeing the kilowatt meter actually running backwards!