Interior Redesign – Designs With Repurpose, Reuse and Recycle in Mind – Redesigning Is Green Design

Interior redesign is Green! Redesigning a room in your home does not mean spending a lot of money. Changing your interior space, costs zero, zip, nada (except for our fee – we do charge a small fee for our services). Nothing to buy or do in debt for, we can help you redesign your space using what you already own. We can envision your space in a way you have not thought of before.

Change is exciting and will give you a new outlook at how you view the things you already own.

We will repurpose items you have long forgot about or didn’t know where to put. Judy has a great eye for grouping items together. She even surprises me from time to time. For example, art does not have to be matchy in content. Black and white art can be on display with colorful art. Neither one of us does “matchy matchy” unless there is a specific request from the client.

You might have side tables or other pieces of furniture in the garage, some you may have forgotten about. We will repurpose an item saving you money and time, no shopping for new things unless you want too.

It is one day, not expensive, and the outcome is Wow! Give us a call or send an email after you visit our website. We offer Virtual Designs that will help you redesign other rooms on your own or think of giving

the “gift of design” to someone who has everything. This is a unique gift, thinking outside the box.

Redesign to help you fall in love with your things all over again!