7 Unexpected Ways to Green-Design Your Home

As the world and the weather start to become more tumultuous… as the glaciers melt and the coral reefs start to struggle, the pulls and pushes of fashion start to seem less important. That is, unless you can manage to create a home interior design that looks fantastic and is kind to the planet at the same time! From ways to reduce waste (such as installing grey water facilities), reuse the materials that are already available (like incorporating recycled timber furniture and revived architectural elements), and making recycling part of your daily life, there is much room to grow towards greenness in your house. We all know that we should put in a compost heap, buy energy star appliances and switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs. Today we go beyond the obvious to unexpected, yet effective ways to green design your home. There are billions of homes in the world, and if every one used these tips for green design, the world would be a much healthier…

Create Indoor Landscapes

One of the world’s major problems is an overload of carbon dioxide. If you want to be kind to the planet in your re-design, take the idea of ‘greening’ very literally, by incorporating masses of indoor plants and lush outdoor gardens into the design of your home.

Use Recycled Timber Furniture

Timber is a product that can very easily be recycled, by chipping and pressing. However, one of the basic principles of environmental friendliness is that we should first Reduce our waste, then Reuse what already exists, and finally Recycle things which cannot be reused. ‘Recycled’ timber furniture is actually refurbished and re-used, and it creates an air of gorgeous authenticity as well as being kind to the planet!

Choose a tankless water heater

Not only will your home benefit from the extra space and the lack of a hot water tank acting as an eyesore, but tankless water heaters are far more efficient than their tanked counterparts. And like recycled timber furniture and many other green design options, they are also much cheaper!

Choose tiles

Tiles are far easier to keep clean with a minimum of chemical cleaners, electricity or scrubbing than any other surface. Choose tiles for your flooring and walls wherever possible to boost your interior design’s green credentials.

Buy for quality

Given the fact that your most important mission in a green home is to reduce waste, you are fully justified in buying the best quality furniture, accessories, flooring and wall decoration materials you can afford. The water, electricity and materials that go into creating new items has a major environmental impact.

Don’t be afraid to renovate

Much of a home’s green potential comes from its base design – placement of walls and windows, exterior landscaping and positioning of rooms within the house. Your energy savings and green potential is intimately tied to the design of your home, so it is important to recognise when you need to start from scratch.

Design for natural light

Plenty of available natural light means that you’ll need less electricity to run your light globes… and it also gives you a much better environment in which to show off your gorgeous recycled timber furniture and other solid quality fittings!